Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Tribute to My Dear Friend D.R. on This Wonderful Day!

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Ottawa 3 - Buffalo 2

I warned you, D.R.

“The End” – A Future Tense Tribute Poem to My Good Friend Darrin R. Brooker

A season is a very long time
To watch your bison graze
But what tastes worse than pickled lime
Is when they fizzle out in a haze

That time has come for Buffalo
The city of perpetual losers
And dear friend, Darrin, its time you know
That your bisons are not hoosiers

Unlike that magical team, so small
So unlikely to win the big game
Your sabre-rattling cotton balls
Are about to fade out in shame

So, D.R., I urge you friend
As one who cares for your well-being
Accept the fact, tonight is the end
You’ll find it rather soul-freeing!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Assist Me!

FREE sermons by Julian on the Sermon on the Mount

A friend asked me the other day how I managed to do what I do in one week.

First of all, I think there are a lot of folks that do a lot more than me in one week! If I compare myself to some of my hero's, I fail miserably in comparison! So, I am not trying to act like I actually do accomplish much in a week. Does that make sense?

Second, I always answer questions like that with one word: "Julian."

The Lord has blessed me with a great brother in Christ who does way more than anyone knows to help me do what I do in one week! Julian works for me part time as my assistant and gets to do all the stuff I don't want to do. It is a real joy for him!

One of the ways he serves our church is by preaching.

He has slowly been working his way through the Sermon on the Mount (when we don't make him preach other stuff) and doing an excellent job of it. I highly commend these sermons to you.

Julian will be preaching this Sunday night at GFC as we continue our series on the doctrines of grace. This has been an excellent series of studies led by many of our good preachers with a discussion time included.

Anyway, I was just thanking the Lord for my assistant/brother/friend/student/nephew and thought I might point out those great sermons from Matthew 5-7 to you!

Sovereign Grace Fellowship » SGF Pastors’ Conference Audio Recordings

Sovereign Grace Fellowship » Blog Archive » SGF Pastors’ Conference Audio Recordings

The lectures given by Tom Schreiner on Perserverance and by Michael Haykin on The Council of Constantinople (along with others) are now available at the link above.

I highly commend to you Carl Muller's message on Balance in the Ministry.

Rivers Floral Design and Gifts

185 Main St S Unit 1
Rockwood ON N0B 2K0
519 856 4747
Jane Rivers
Designer / Owner
Tues-Sat 10-6
delivery available to
Rockwood, Guelph, Acton

Rivers Floral Design and Gifts

My baby sister finally opened her own flower shop. This is good news for she is so overflowing with talent that I am sure the thing will soon be in Forbes Top 10 which in turn would give me a very wealthy relative to lend me their oceanside retreat in Barbados and the private plane to get there.

Do us all a favour if you live in the Guelph area and stop by and buy lots of stuff. I need a vacation!

And "no," she did not ask me for a free plug! I am just very excited for her... except she ought to try and sell thimbles as well!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thirty to What? Coolest Website Ever for the Small Engine Man!

Oil Ratios

Ever looked at your gas can and thought... "I dunno, I guess I'll just put enough oil in to make the gas turn a little darker?!"

If not, stop reading this.

But for those of you, like me, who are mathematically challenged... when you read something on your gasoline engine lawn mower that says "fuel mixture should be 32:1," you look to the skies in disbelief! What does that even mean?

I found the answer today! This page will make your summer better and your two-cycle engines happier!

You are going to thank me so much!

Punch in your ratio and click! This is so good!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Planned Parenthood Threatens Lawsuit Against Pro-Life UCLA Student

Planned Parenthood Threatens Lawsuit Against Pro-Life UCLA Student |

Very interesting when true motives are exposed...

HT: D.R.

Willow Creek Re-invention Announced

Willow Creek Steps Up to Feed Its 20,000 Attendants |

"Vision 2010, developed over the last 18 months, is a three-part plan that includes bolder witness to reaching people across the Chicagoland area, rethinking how to coach Christ followers and developing tools to help all churchgoers grow in Christian faith, and unleashing unprecedented levels of compassion into the world."

How was all of this decided? The same old way Bill figured out how to plant a church that people liked...

"When Senior Pastor Bill Hybels unveiled the vision two weeks ago, he highlighted church survey results that showed less satisfaction among long-time or fully devoted attendants compared to newcomers who were exploring Christianity. In the upcoming years, Willow Creek leaders will be altering the way they coach to teach attendants how to be "self-feeding individuals... An earlier experiment of the "Fuel Experience" revealed a positive response from all participants and results were consistent across age groups and spiritual stages."

The following comment is meant to be sarcastic:

So you mean, all I gotta do is poll everybody at church to see what their consumeristic, materialistic, idolatrous hearts "need" then just do that and I'll get me one big old mega church? Cool!

End of sarcasm.

Schreiner Preaching in Toronto

It was a joy to sit under Dr. Tom Schreiner’s ministry today at the SGF Annual Pastor’s Conference. Scheduling conflicts only allowed me to make it out for the one day, but we hope to have the audio of these messages posted soon on our sermonaudio site. If you cannot wait, you can download two messages here on the sovereignty of God in salvation by Tom from a couple of years ago.

Pastor Carl Muller preached an excellent message on Balance in the Christian Ministry. I highly commend it to any pastors who read this blog and will try to remember to post about it again once the audio is available.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Evangelical Leader Returns To Catholicism

Evangelical Leader Returns To Catholicism -

"'At the end of the day, the reason for the Reformation was the debate over justification. If that is no longer an issue, I have to be Catholic,' Beckwith said. 'It seems to me that if there is not a very strong reason to be Protestant, then the default position should be to belong to the historic church.'

Such is the stunningly weak argument of the (now) former president of the Evangelical Theological Society! He switched teams last week and returned to Rome.

The most telling thing in this Washington Post article is the following quote:

On his blog last week, he said he wrestled with whether to inform the Evangelical Theological Society immediately of his intention to return to Catholicism, or to wait until the end of his term in November. He said he and his wife prayed for guidance and received an answer when a 16-year-old nephew asked him to take part in his Catholic confirmation ceremony tomorrow. 'I could not do that unless I was in full communion with the church,' Beckwith said."

Which just makes me think that many men decide their theology more by what they may lose, rather than what they could gain. Give me Christ, justification by faith alone and salvation by grace any day - even over family.

Matthew Henry on "He justified himself more than God"

Matthew Henry has a wonderful explanation of Job 32:2 where young Elihu is described as burning with anger against Job since "he justified himself more than God."

...that is, [he] took more care and pains to clear himself from the imputation of unrighteousness in being thus afflicted than to clear God from the imputation of unrighteousness in afflicting him, as if he were more concerned for his own honour than for God's; whereas he should, in the first place, have justified God and cleared his glory, and then he might well enough have left his own reputation to shift for itself. Note, A gracious heart is jealous for the honour of God, and cannot but be angry when that is neglected or postponed, or when any injury is done it. Nor is it any breach of the law of meekness to be angry at our friends when they are offensive to God.