Saturday, May 20, 2006

Split among American Baptists over Homosexuality is Final

Split among American Baptists:

American Baptist Churches, a 1.5 million member US denomination was rocked this week with the Pacific Southwest region (with churches in California, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona) voting in favour of leaving the denomination. The issue? Some member churches accept as church members unrepentant, practicing homosexuals.

The response to this saw much of the same old hoogly:

"Tony Campolo, a well-known American Baptist speaker and a professor of sociology at Eastern University, said he also was disappointed. 'The decision hurts some of the finest missionary work in today's world. More important, it runs counter to the prayer of Christ that we might all be one people,' Campolo said.
Judy Allbee, executive minister of the American Baptist churches in Connecticut, said 'it is a sad day for the cause of Jesus Christ when one part of the body cannot tolerate being with the rest of the body.' She said the decision of the Pacific Southwest region was the result of the region's belief that it was in sole possession of the truth."
A statement from the Roger Williams Fellowship, an American Baptist group self-described as a "grassroots organization advocating for Baptist principles," said it lamented the withdrawal of the Pacific Southwest region. Their regret, they noted, was "tempered by a repudiation" of the Pacific Southwest region's demand that the denomination enforce its 1992 position statement on homosexuality.

The fellowship also said that the Pacific Southwest region had articulated a "fundamentally flawed vision" of the Baptist tradition and American Baptist life. "We affirm that God alone is sovereign over the individual conscience, and that each local church has the responsibility to determine God's calling for that community's time and mission."

The ABC (USA) has enough problems, but it was good to see that there remains a small segment of sanity. They were right to withdraw.

As for Campolo and his ilk... that is no surprise.

Sola Scriptura.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Pyromaniacs: Sister... show mercy!

Pyromaniacs: Sister... show mercy!

As the warmer weather approaches, Dan Phillips addresses the propensity of some women to dress immodestly.

This post first appeared on May 11 but I think it is worth reading if for no other reason than to jolt Christian women into at least thinking about the issue. There are 89 comments as I link to this - apparently a few others have some thoughts too!

A 2 Corinthians Ministry

Live By The Truth: A 2 Corinthians Ministry

David Robinson gives a nice summary of Brad Powers excellent message on pastoral ministry (from the SGF Pastor's Conference).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Photos From SGF Pastor's Conference

We had a great time at the Sovereign Grace Fellowship Pastor's Conference this year.

Dr. Stephen Wellum of The Southern Baptist Seminary (Louisville) was our guest lecturer offering three powerful messages on the substitutionary nature of the atonement.

David Sitton preached a call to missions. Brad Powers had a moving sermon from 2 Corinthians on the nature of pastoral ministry. Steve Kring gave us the rundown on new developments in the creation/evolution debate.
Food and accomodations were stellar as always and we experienced record attendance.
Praise the Lord! (One day I am going to figure out how to post pictures on blogger...)

Ashamed of Jesus?

Ruminations By The Lake: Jesus! And Shall It Ever Be

Ian has a nice post and the text of a hymn his church sang last night... it was new to me and quite good, I thought. Take a read!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Sermon Worth Hearing

David Sitton preached for us at GFC today. David went to Papau New Guinea as a missionary when barely 20 years old. Since then he has continued to preach Christ where He is not known - most recently working with unreached people groups in Mexico.
As a pioneer missionary, he has a few stories!
I highly recommend a listen. The Lord was with us today and we were blessed and deeply challenged.

Listen here either streaming or download.