Sunday, May 13, 2007

Evangelical Leader Returns To Catholicism

Evangelical Leader Returns To Catholicism -

"'At the end of the day, the reason for the Reformation was the debate over justification. If that is no longer an issue, I have to be Catholic,' Beckwith said. 'It seems to me that if there is not a very strong reason to be Protestant, then the default position should be to belong to the historic church.'

Such is the stunningly weak argument of the (now) former president of the Evangelical Theological Society! He switched teams last week and returned to Rome.

The most telling thing in this Washington Post article is the following quote:

On his blog last week, he said he wrestled with whether to inform the Evangelical Theological Society immediately of his intention to return to Catholicism, or to wait until the end of his term in November. He said he and his wife prayed for guidance and received an answer when a 16-year-old nephew asked him to take part in his Catholic confirmation ceremony tomorrow. 'I could not do that unless I was in full communion with the church,' Beckwith said."

Which just makes me think that many men decide their theology more by what they may lose, rather than what they could gain. Give me Christ, justification by faith alone and salvation by grace any day - even over family.