Thursday, August 25, 2005

Canadian Carey Family Conference

Canadian Carey Family Conference
Every year our family delights to head off to Ingersoll for Carey Conference. This year the speaker is Mark Webb - a returning favorite!
If you are unable to come for the week, why not run up for a night or two? Great fellowship, sweet singing, the powerful ministry of the Word - all in a pleasant (albeit rustic) setting. This might be the last year for Maple Grove... so be a part of history!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cowboyology: On Teaching Greek To Seminary Students

Cowboyology: On Teaching Greek To Seminary Students
My friend, co-TMC one-time student, and co-worker (although he is full-time and big-time) at TBS, Clint Humfrey has a great little blurb here on "breaking" Greek newbies. I am more convinced than ever of the absolute necessity of knowing the original languages the Bible was written in - especially as more and more folks freely quote "from the Greek" without having a clue what they are saying.
Piper's chapter on using the languages (cryptically titled "Bitzer was a Banker" in Brothers, We Are Not Professionals) is must-reading for every student of the Word - but especially for every pastor and pastor-wannabe!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nearer Heaven for August 21

Think of Jesus, who lived so near to God and learn of Him, however chequered your life, to dwell under the shadow of the Almighty.

"Abide in me." - John 15:4

My truest fellowship is with you, for You come closest to my heart.

O, that prayer were to me true converse with you - life's sweetest joy and the heart's holiest delight.

My life is so hurried I do not give You time to speak. Yet how much You have to say to my soul.

O, for the heart that comes to you not to ask favours, or urge further blessings, but that delights to abide with you out of a pure love for Your presence!

When I enjoy fellowship with you, my heart has no desire for fellowship with the world.

More and more I feel that the only way to be strong is to wait on You.

I sometimes rest more on what You have done than on what You are in Yourself; but, O, for the faith that rises to Your person!

Gracious Redeemer, will You not lead me up to some transfiguration mount and show me Your glory?

My life is lived on a common level, when it might be lived in the heavenly places with You.

I cannot enjoy You if I am not entirely Yours. I have only been half-hearted for You; and I know not the deeper joys that are given Your own.

When You forgive us You admonish us: "Go and sin no more."

How glorious are the privileges of the spiritual life - the privilege of being Yours, of following You, of communing with You, and glorifying Your holy name. It is because I dwell on these privileges so little that I think of my difficulties so much.

John Baird, 1884