Friday, April 21, 2006

End of Seminary and Some Cool Stuff...

Today marked the end of my seminary class on Pastoral Theology. This has been a wonderful class, really because of the calibre of men the great topics we were able to study. We went to a local funeral home today to meet with the Director and tour the facilities. Then we spent the day talking about funerals, how to run them, how to minister, etc. I am so excited by these men and hope that one day they will all look back fondly on this picture having served the Lord for many years as His undershepherds.

Josh has a great post on his blog today on Psalm 96 that you should read. He is not a seminary student. He reads his Bible though...

Mark Dever speaks a little to pastoral visitation at the T4G blog. My co-elder Murray the paramedic has been going out with me quite often the last few weeks on pastoral visits. We love them. I should post sometime on our new system to get these done. It has worked better than anything I have previously attempted.

I had lunch with The Cowboy today and he alerted me to a long comment string on Coloratura Christian's blog. It is very worth reading as it deals with the atonement issues raised by emergent/emerging churches. (If you didn't know, the Cowboy is married to the Coloratura!)

EXAMININGEMERGENT is rushing toward 1500 visitors from 41 countries in 10 days. Apparently there is some interest. Apparently some people don't like my points either - you can read the comments.

Big thanks to Adrian Warnock for noting all the new posts as they appear on the EE blog. That challies fellow had something to say about it today, too. But he needs serious work on his nomenclature!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 What's good about the emerging church? What's good about the emerging church?

Darryl has been kind enough to answer my query at his blog. Be sure to check it out.
He links to David Wayne's list as well.

My original request was this:
"What I am really trying to find out from those who know better than me, is what specific things emergent alone has to offer the church at large. I think this is a very worthy question. If there are none, then we might as well just move on. If there are some, then we all need to know them. If there are only a few, then let's own them and press on. If there are hundreds, then let's stop and re-think everything we are doing.
And there is no point in vagueries. We need to know specifically, what are we missing that emergent has to offer?"

Outing My Man DRob...

Live By The Truth

Pastor David Robinson has been blogging on the sly for some time now... but the day has come that the world should see the good things he is writing! Be sure to check out his site!

Revisionist History and Emerging Churches


I have posted the next section in the paper even though there was still much good discussion going on in the last section.

This part deals with the misuse of history to suit the ends of emergent. I think it is one of the most important sections of the paper that deserves much more attention than I was able to give it... but the first commentor told me it was the weakest part so far!

I am finding that discussions and comments are making the central issues much clearer in my mind.

Join in! (Don't worry - I'll be nice... my mom reads my blog!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Website for Grace Fellowship Church

Grace Fellowship Church

Be sure to look at our new and improved website.

More content will be added soon...

EXAMINING EMERGENT: Where Emergent Goes Bad (2)

EXAMINING EMERGENT: Where Emergent Goes Bad (2)

There is some good conversation starting up in the comments string of this post. I think some helpful corrections to my original post and some good clarification of things like who endorses whom in emergent/emergingc churches.

[Addition: For the curious... there have been 999 unique visitors from 35 different countries to the examining emergent site in 7 days.]

DaVinci Code: Why "Fictional Attacks" Against Jesus are Rightly Offensive to Christians

Redeeming The Time: Here's The Deal

Be sure to read Kirk's post today. Some very good thoughts!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Resurrection Hymn (Happy Resurrection Day!)

Resurrection Hymn
Sing, O Church, your glorious praises
Christ, your Lord, rose from the dead!
He, the proof that God will save us;
Jesus, our own glorious Head!
He our Master! He our Saviour!
He the Victor over death!

Raised by God to reign eternal,
Never did He see decay.
Now He reigns from heav’n supernal
Death no longer holds its sway.
O, the power of the victory,
How His grace and love display!

What a wondrous consolation
Jesus’ death was not in vain.
Raised as God’s own confirmation,
That the Son broke sin’s domain.
He is living! He is living!
Shout forth now this glad refrain!

Men will mock and disbelieve Him
Worry not at their refrain.
They shall bow the knee before Him,
To their sorrow and their bane.
He’s the Champion! Mighty Conqueror!
All will bow before His Name!

Praise Him for the grace He gave you
To repent and to believe.
Praise Him for His love that saved you,
Calling you Him to receive.
Praise the Saviour! Risen Saviour!
Worship Christ the Risen King!

Words: Paul W. Martin ©1997. Music: Henry T. Smart, Regent Square. Public Domain.

Comparing Dever to McLaren

Nothing But the Blood - Christianity Today Magazine:

For those of you who were at the discussion night at Richview Baptist Church with Brian McLaren, I thought you might enjoy reading this Christianity Today piece from Mark Dever. Dever looks at the atonement, too... but I think he demonstrates the fundamental difference between an "emergent approach" and what I have suggested is needed.

Besides, there is good fodder here for Easter worship!