Sunday, February 28, 2010

O Canada!


For Free - Some Suggested Questions for TAG

(Almost) every week our members all meet in various homes in what we call Truth Application Groups or TAG's.  The one week we do not meet is the Sunday we hold a "Fellowship Lunch."  (Since we are an urban church, we thought it a good idea to take one Sunday per month to eat together immediately after the first service - then share the Lord's Supper.)  Today is a Fellowship Lunch Sunday which means there are no TAG's meeting today.  With me so far?
Our TAG's spend 40% of their time trying to apply what we have heard preached in the morning service.  Our elders typically meet right after the service to fine tune some questions to enable this so that we aim at heart motivations.  Since I forgot it was Fellowship Lunch Sunday when I was studying yesterday, I went ahead and made up some TAG questions.  And being one of those guys who hates to waste anything, I am posting them here.
If you are a GFC member, I would encourage you to find another member this week and talk through some of these.
If you are some cyber-outsider peering in, feel free to listen to the sermon once it gets posted and then use these questions if you want a feel for how we do what we do.

  • Every member of GFC agrees to be at Sunday morning service, TAG and Wednesday night service.  Are you? Do you feel it is okay to miss? How much?  Does it feel like we meet too many times per week?
  • What are some benefits of regular meeting with other Christians?
  • What keeps you from being transparent and authentic with other Christians?
  • What are you most afraid of losing in persecution?
  • What distractions tempt you the most? (money, sex, stuff, comfort)
  • Have you ever felt bored with preaching, tired of serving, or fed up with services?  What might that be saying about your spiritual health?
  • Have you lived on the fringe of a church? How is living in the core different? Have you invited others in?