Friday, August 18, 2006

Julian the Fighter Jet Makes False Accusations Against Me

Christian Thought: Kerux's Cleezer is... CUTE?!

In the spirit of humility that marks so much of my life, I now link to this bit of blandness....

More Mainline Death Signs - The United Church's Watershed Issue

Running Well - » A Pressing Church Issue

DR links to an article discussing the United Church of Canada's next great watershed issue - the denunciation of bottled water. If this wasn't so pathetic I could laugh.

The absolute foolishness of the whole thing is that they came to this life-changing conclusion while sipping on, you guessed it... BOTTLED WATER!

This is one more proof that mainline Christianity in Canada is dead. See my article on that very topic here.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

WorshipGod06 Conference Reflections

Worship Matters: WorshipGod06 Conference Reflections

Bob Kauflin has an important post on some of the reaction within the blogosphere to Challies' liveblog posts of the WorshipGod06 Conference - specifically having to do with the spiritual gifts of healing, miracles and tongues. His post is important (in my mind) because it addresses two key issues. 1. We are all devoted to the Truth and ought to rejoice in that! 2. There is no room for anything but humble love for each other in the discussion.

I hope that a real discussion begins and that we are all changed by it!

No Children and the Emerging Church

No Children Allowed -- No Kidding:

Attention all my "emerging" readers... you may want to give this some thought: "Age-qualified churches are a bigger scandal than age-qualified residential developments. A church consisting only of young adults, youth, married couples, or senior adults is not a true community at all."

Be Thankful!

While on vacation, my family enjoyed a trip to Discovery Harbour - a former British Naval and Military establishment that has been re-created as a historical site.

You know, there are some things that make me really glad I live where and when I do! This is one of them!! Just imagine yourself here one cold February night...

It is a kind providence to live in Canada in 2006! Praise the Lord for common grace!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

J. C. Ryle on the Effects of a Holy Life

We must be holy, because this is the most likely way to do good to others. We cannot live to ourselves only in this world. Our lives will always be doing either good or harm to those who see them. They are a silent sermon which all can read.

It is sad indeed when they are a sermon for the devil’s cause, and not for God’s. I believe that far more is done for Christ’s kingdom by the holy living of believers than we are at all aware of. There is a reality about such living which makes men feel and obliges them to think. It carries a weight and influence with it which nothing else can give. It makes religion beautiful and draws men to consider it, like a lighthouse seen afar off. The day of judgment will prove that many besides husbands have been won "without the Word" by a holy life (1 Pet. 3:1). You may talk to persons about the doctrines of the gospel, and few will listen, and still fewer understand. But your life is an argument that none can escape. There is a meaning about holiness which not even the most unlearned can help taking in. They may not understand justification, but they can understand charity.

Thank Who Very Much

Gratitude Without God -- Just Whom Does an Atheist Thank?

While watching some silly sit-com one day (years ago when I watched silly sit-coms!) I was struck by the closing scene of this "Thanksgiving Special." The characters had finally all sat down at the table and the dad was to pray - which he did. But everyone had their eyes open and the prayer was addressed to no one in particular.

It dawned on me then that only Christians can give thanks.

Al Mohler links (above) to a very honest essay by atheist Roland Aronson that confirms this point. Aronson admits to an inclination to express gratitude when struck by the beauty of creation... but his solution is a hollow and non-relational disclosure that eventually draws all the attention back to the individual.

Just keep on the hunt for that word "thanks" and you will see it all over your Bible. Christians are thankful to God!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another SDG

This is a picture of what the front of my folks cottage looked like after the "big storm" rolled through on our vacation. I haven't touched the photo at all - no adjustments to colour or sharpening or photoshopping - it looked just like this.

I have never seen a sky like this before, and in some ways it was creepier than the actual storm. But what it really showed was the amazing ability of God to paint a sky. A crushed tent, scattered laundry off the line, wet carpets from water blowing in around the cracks, a near-spoiled chicken dinner, a few nervous kids, no power for 15 hours - all worth it for a seen and felt reminder of omnipotence!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Forbes List of Celebrity Earners

Forbes released their annual list of top earners in the celebrity world today .

1. Steven Spielberg - £180m
2. Howard Stern - £163m
3. George Lucas - £127m
4. Oprah Winfrey - £122m
5. Jerry Seinfeld - £54m
6. Tiger Woods - £49m
7. Dan Brown - £48m
8. Jerry Bruckheimer - £45m
9. JK Rowling - £41m
10. Dick Wolf - £38m

They earn because people buy what they produce. It is an oversimplification to some degree, but what does each offer the world?

1. Ghosts
2. Vile verbage
3. Eastern mysticism
4. You-are-godism
5. Nothing
6. A long shot
7. Blasphemy
8. Crime
9. Witchcraft
10. Lies and intrigue

So this is what the affluent (who pay for this "entertainment") value.

Reminds me of Romans 1.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


From the information I can find, the Hoyt's (father and son) do not know the Saviour. That being said, few things make me weep. This did.