Friday, August 21, 2009

Carey Conference 2009 and Thabiti Anyabwile

Well, just “one more sleep” until Carey Conference! Already things are looking grand. Registrations are high, the camp is ready, and we are delighted to add Thabiti Anyabwile to our own list of great preachers.

Speaking of Thabiti, you can pray for his safe and quick travel. Already they have experienced one flight cancellation and been delayed by about 2 hours. We are praying they get in easily tonight.

Thabiti is travelling from Grand Cayman. Yes, that Grand Cayman. So it is no small feat to get to Toronto from there. It really is remarkable that you can stick your toes in the warm Caribbean (thanks GT) in the morning and in Lake Ontario at night… all in the same day.

Cravings Underlie Conflict - Mahaney and Powlison

Sovereign Grace Ministries Blog - C.J. Mahaney's View from the Cheap Seats & Other Stuff:

"I asked David to elaborate on this quote:

I have yet to meet a couple locked in hostility (and the accompanying fear, self-pity, hurt, self-righteousness) who really understood and reckoned with their motives. James 4:1–3 teaches that cravings underlie conflicts. Why do you fight? It’s not “because of my wife/husband…”—it’s because of something about you. Couples who see what rules them—cravings for affection, attention, power, vindication, control, comfort, a hassle-free life—can repent and find God’s grace made real to them, and then learn how to make peace.

—Seeing with New Eyes (P&R, 2003), p. 151.

To hear David expand on this quote, download the 7-minute audio recording here (5.9 MB)"