Friday, May 18, 2007

Rivers Floral Design and Gifts

185 Main St S Unit 1
Rockwood ON N0B 2K0
519 856 4747
Jane Rivers
Designer / Owner
Tues-Sat 10-6
delivery available to
Rockwood, Guelph, Acton

Rivers Floral Design and Gifts

My baby sister finally opened her own flower shop. This is good news for she is so overflowing with talent that I am sure the thing will soon be in Forbes Top 10 which in turn would give me a very wealthy relative to lend me their oceanside retreat in Barbados and the private plane to get there.

Do us all a favour if you live in the Guelph area and stop by and buy lots of stuff. I need a vacation!

And "no," she did not ask me for a free plug! I am just very excited for her... except she ought to try and sell thimbles as well!


  1. I haven't seen the shop, yet, but I'd like to!

    I've worked with Jane at Martin's ( and I know this new store will be a hit.

  2. Ryan,
    Thanks for the other plug! Very nice!
    I guess I should have mentioned my OLDEST sister, too! She is just so... established!
    In case you missed it world - WWW.MARTINFLOWERS.COM

  3. Will try and help her (and you) out next time we're in the area. My wife is a florist as well, but gave it all up to be pastor's wife.
    If you permit me a personal anecdote, I used to help out in the flower shop in the summers while I was in the seminary. I wasn't very good, but it didn't stop me from trying. My favorite line when people would come in and buy one of my "arrangements" was, Hey! That's pretty good for a guy.

    By the way Marlene's extended family still owns the franchise in Winnipeg. It is Academy Florists or

  4. Can you send some flowers to Alfie for me as condolences for their defeat in the next round. Thanks!