Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Book Review: Relentless Pursuit – God’s Love of outsiders including the outsider in all of us

Ken Gire has written many popular evangelical books but I think this is the first one of a more autobiographical nature. In it he discloses many of his own struggles with making sense of life and in particular, understanding how God is at work in his faith.

I appreciated his explanation of living with ADD and his ability to poignantly describe the life of an “outsider.” Every one of those descriptions reminded me of different members of my church or of me and stoked the compassion fires in my heart. I was glad for that.

Unfortunately, the book lacks the theological precision that would fill the reader with hope in the end. I am not suggesting it is a wasted read, but without a crisp and more nuanced telling of the Gospel, the story could leave one with more hope in being understood than in being saved from sin. I think a deep grasp of the Gospel is what truly comforts us; now we are finally, divinely understood.

That said, if you love Jesus and know what He has done for you on His cross, I would commend the book.  How thankful I am that, like the Hound of Heaven, His pursuit of His people is utterly relentless. I need it!

(This book was provided courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and BehtanyHouse in exchange for an honest review.)