Sunday, May 13, 2007

Matthew Henry on "He justified himself more than God"

Matthew Henry has a wonderful explanation of Job 32:2 where young Elihu is described as burning with anger against Job since "he justified himself more than God."

...that is, [he] took more care and pains to clear himself from the imputation of unrighteousness in being thus afflicted than to clear God from the imputation of unrighteousness in afflicting him, as if he were more concerned for his own honour than for God's; whereas he should, in the first place, have justified God and cleared his glory, and then he might well enough have left his own reputation to shift for itself. Note, A gracious heart is jealous for the honour of God, and cannot but be angry when that is neglected or postponed, or when any injury is done it. Nor is it any breach of the law of meekness to be angry at our friends when they are offensive to God.