Friday, March 15, 2013

Preparing for Sunday, March 17

Passage to read: 

1 Samuel 20

Sermon outline:

1.      Jonathan loved God
2.      Jonathan loved David
         a.      His soul was knit to David’s
         b.      He loved David as his own soul
         c.       He sealed his commitment to David
3.      Jonathan kept his promise

TAG Questions:

To the men: Do you have any deep male-to-male friendships? Why or why not? Was there a time you did?

As you read of Jonathan and David’s love for one another, do you find yourself asking yourself, “Were they homosexual?” What does that question tell us about our age?

Jonathan gave up the “kingdom of Jonathan” as an expression of his love for David. What would it mean for you to give up the kingdom of (insert your name here) to love your wife?

To the women: Do you have any deep female-to-female friendships? Why or why not? Was there a time you did?

David hid in the good of covenant he had made with Jonathan – Christians must hide in the good of covenant that God has made with them. How do you do that in real time?

Do you find yourself wondering why nobody is pursuing you as a friend? If yes, do you agree that the right course of action is to pursue rather than wait to be pursued? What might keep you from pursuing others?

To the men: Are you able to look another man in the eye and tell him you love him?

What are some ways that the fear of man destroys friendships?

Do you feel that everyone else has more and better friends than you do?