Friday, December 09, 2011

Romans 12 - Get Your World Turned Upside Down!

I have been refreshed this week studying Romans 12. In this passage the Apostle launches into a robust description of what every Christian life should look like. The root of this awesome change is a full grasp of the Gospel.

Sacrifice. Humility. Service. Love. That about sums it up!  Below is an extended outline I hope to preach from on Sunday (i.e. not the one found in your weekly handout). I would encourage you to read through Romans 12 with this in hand and ask of God what area of your life needs the most revolutionizing now.

The Gospel Revolution: The Call to a Revolutionized Life
Romans 12

1.            Sacrifice yourself (1-2)

2.             Prioritize humility (3)

3.            Serve appropriately (4-8)

4.            Act in love like Jesus did to friends in the church
A.            Chase after your own sanctification (9)
B.             Commit yourself to God’s people
            i.            Immerse yourself relationally in your church family (10a)
            ii.            Scavenge for grace in every church member (10b)
C.            Be intensely God-focused
            i.            Stay tirelessly diligent in spiritual matters (11a)
            ii.            Stay on fire in the Holy Spirit (11b)
            iii.            Stay committed to doing whatever God says (11c)
D.            Cling to God through your troubles
            i.            Boast in your sure future (12a)
            ii.            Remain true under pressure (12b)
            iii.            Stick to your prayers (12c)

5.            Respond in love like Jesus would to friends in the church
            A.            Give to alleviate your brothers’ needs
                        i.            Immerse yourself in the needs of your brother (13a)
                        ii.            Hunt for Christian strangers to house (13b)
            B.            Feel what your brother feels
                        i.            Delight in his successes (15a)
                        ii.            Empathize with his sorrows (15b)
            C.            Hang out with the forgotten brothers (16)

6.            Respond in love like Jesus did to sinful people that hate you
            A.            Stop denouncing and start praying for your persecutors (14)
            B.            Retaliate against your enemies with good (17)
            C.            Conspire for peace (18)
            D.            Conquer evil (19-21)