Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Revelation 20 Started this Church

Have you ever wondered how Grace Fellowship Church came into existence? In a strange twist of providence, it had a lot to do with Revelation 20.

Since that was my text last Sunday, I took a few minutes at the start of the sermon to rehearse some of that history. In a nutshell, my view shifted on what John meant in Revelation 20 about what is called the Millennium. And in the denomination of which I was a part, that was a problem. Without being able to sign off on that part of their statement of faith I had to resign. Yet, in God’s kindness, that led to planting a church just over 12 years ago. And that led to planting three more. And so on!

Anyway, I don’t think I have ever publicly spoken about this before but I think it brings God great glory to see how He works. My remarks were off the cuff, so not as nuanced or perhaps as careful as I would have liked, but if you give me the benefit of the doubt and listen for providence, I think you will find some encouragement!

You can listen here.  The first 5 minutes is my retelling of the story.