Friday, June 20, 2008

CD Review – "You and You Alone" by Pat and Joel Sczebel

CD Review – Pat and Joel Sczebel

Canadian pastor and son, Pat and Joel Sczebel have released a really enjoyable CD in the Sovereign Grace Ministries Overflow series called, “You and You Alone.” It is well named as the songs of this father/son writing tandem are full of Christ and full of Godward thoughts.

My favorite song on the release is the first cut of “I Surrender All” (there is good reprise at the end of the CD also). Melodically, it is probably the simplest song on the album, but very singable and full of great lyrics.

A close second in the fave’s category is “The Greatest of All,” a robust reflection on the greatest transaction in human history – Christ for His bride. The chorus appears to be a re-work of the old song, “Redeemed How I Love to Proclaim It.”

There is a good musical mix on the recording, varied tempos and sounds with some numbers perhaps more prone for congregational singing than others. Although that may depend on how you sing at your church.

I think the Overflow series as a whole puts a little less into production, so you will hear the odd little imperfections of a live recording. It gives you a very nice live feel though.

Thanks to Sovereign Grace Ministries for yet again supplying us with robust theology to sing with all our hearts!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Am I Here?

It is Annual Member Business Meeting at GFC this week. That is where I have been.

I love this time of year.

We divide our meeting into three parts:
1. A Sunday night service to look back on what God has done.
2. A members-only business meeting to discuss the nitty gritty of ministry and how to pay for it.
3. A Sunday "after-fellowship-lunch-service" to lay out our plans for the coming year, the Lord willing.

Tomorrow is #2. I can hardly wait!