Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thirty to What? Coolest Website Ever for the Small Engine Man!

Oil Ratios

Ever looked at your gas can and thought... "I dunno, I guess I'll just put enough oil in to make the gas turn a little darker?!"

If not, stop reading this.

But for those of you, like me, who are mathematically challenged... when you read something on your gasoline engine lawn mower that says "fuel mixture should be 32:1," you look to the skies in disbelief! What does that even mean?

I found the answer today! This page will make your summer better and your two-cycle engines happier!

You are going to thank me so much!

Punch in your ratio and click! This is so good!!


  1. I got as far as "oil ratios" and quit reading.

  2. The folks in metric Canada click here

  3. The folks who give a rip about preserving what's left of the purity of God's creation stopped using gas-powered lawn equipment a long time ago. :)

    (Those of us who would like to have really powerful gas stuff but just can't afford it like to pretend we have pure motives.)

  4. Yes, Julian, or at least they use a 4 stroke motor. 2 stroke motors are powerful but highly inefficient. If only they had clean diesel mowers based on the new diesel standard.

  5. If I have to stop using my two stroke power-horse then you have to ride a bike!

    Oh, the hypocrisy!!


    [To say nothing of those pathetic electric mowers that of course burn all kinds of fossil fuels creating the electricity to run them!!!!!!]

  6. There is something nostalgic for me about 2 stroke fumes. The lawn just isn't cut unless you have that 2 stroke smell on you when you're done :P