Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrestling with an Angel: The Contagious Comfort and Mercy of God

Wrestling with an Angel: The Contagious Comfort and Mercy of God:

I have been humbled by my reading of Greg Lucas's blog, Wrestling with an Angel.

Greg is a cop and a father to a pretty cool young man named Jake. Jake has special needs, and Greg posts about caring for him.

I appreciate one theme that comes through in his writing: parents of special needs kids desire empathy before sympathy... and yes, you can help. It takes courage to write the way he does and to invite others into their family, but if you have ever wondered how to help your friends in situations similar to this, then you need to read Greg. If you have never given any thought as to what life is like with special needs under your roof, then you really need to read Greg.

His latest post begins here...

"One busy Saturday afternoon I was patrolling the local mall parking lot in my police cruiser. It was warm, so I had my windows down enjoying the fall air. As I drove though the lot I heard a loud piercing cry echoing like a sound bite from a horror movie."

CBC News - Toronto - Toronto's 'tiny house' for sale

CBC News - Toronto - Toronto's 'tiny house' for sale

A little piece — actually the littlest piece — of the Toronto housing market is for sale.

The home has just three rooms and measures slightly over 300 square feet.

The real estate ad calls it "charming" and "unique."

With the average house price in Toronto around $400,000, the "tiny house" as it has become known, looks like a bargain.

The home, located in Toronto's Little Italy neighbourhood, is selling for just under $180,000 — $7,000 more than it sold for just a year ago.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Blog! Practical Shepherding

Practical Shepherding

I was very excited to read some of the great little articles on Brian Croft's new blog called Practical Shepherding. Just note some of the titles of these early posts...

* What role should a pastor play within his church to identify and train future pastors?
* What is the process of a service review?
* How do I care for a widow on her anniversary?
* What is the purpose of a service review?
* How do I care for a lonely widow/widower?
* What is a service review?
* How do I know if I am called into the ministry?
* At what time should most hospital visits take place?
* What do I wear to visit someone in the hospital?
* How can I honor the nurses and medical staff caring for those I come to visit?