Friday, November 23, 2007

Interview at Unashamed Workman

Colin Adams is an Associate Pastor with preaching responsibilities at Charlotte Baptist Chapel in Edinburgh and also the creator of a very nice blog called "Unashamed Workman." It is a great blog dealing with preaching and pastoral ministry - making me a regular reader.

Colin has been running a series of interviews asking different expositors the same 10 questions. This week he posted my answers to those questions. [I should also note that Mark Driscoll's picture is way cooler than mine...]

Friday Fun: For All of You Who Have Been Wondering Who Multi-Commentor "Kenny" Was....

Very simple. "Kenny" is "Noah."

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Glory of God - The Glory of God

It was great to have my friend Pastor Perry Edwards preaching for us at GFC this past Sunday. Perry is the preaching elder of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Oromocto, New Brunswick.

He took Revelation 4-5 as his (large) text for the Sunday morning sermon and I must say gave us a glorious glimpse into the wonder of Jesus Christ. I highly commend the sermon to you - you can download it by clicking on the link above.