Friday, June 01, 2018


I am not a poet, but I like rhyme and metre. So, sometimes I take to versifying thoughts I've had as a way of creating structure and linear thought. If that sounds like poetry to you, then here is a little poem I wrote. A couple (literally, two!) friends asked me to share a written copy of it and I promised I would. I had used it in this sermon.

In this poem I am reflecting on God dwelling with us. From Eden, to Tabernacle, to New Creation.


The creator walled in a garden
A place where men met God;
And told Adam and Eve his wife
To till the fertile sod.

In midst of all he placed one tree
With fruit he did forbid.
They took and ate and then they saw
what their rebellion did.

Cast out forever from that plot,
Banished to the east;
With cherubs blocking all return
To the heavenly feast

Sin had ruptured unity.
The way to God was barred.
Mankind fell from joy and ease
To a life so very hard

God in mercy then clothed that pair
With skins from sacrifice.
Soon bloody altars took their place
To pay the sinners’ price.

This way to God was part at best,
Hid behind the screens.
Until the Saviour came and died
And changed the fragile scene.

The veil was torn, the temple done!
The tabernacling King
Had opened up the way to God
And caused our hearts to sing,

“Praise to the One who dwelt with us
So we might dwell with God.”
That One deserves all of our love
Our glory, praise and laud.