Monday, July 14, 2014

To Kindle or Not To Kindle: That Is My Question

I am getting ready to do some summer reading on vacation and wondering about buying a Kindle. I currently read my Kindle books on the free iPhone app, but I have been wondering about buying the $79 machine for a larger screen experience.

Do you own and use a Kindle? How would you compare it to reading on your iPhone or iPad?

Feel free to comment below.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

For Your Faith: Why George Muller Built an Orphanage

"I longed to set something before the children of God, whereby they might see, that He does not forsake, even in our day, those who rely upon Him... 

It needed to be something which could be seen, even by the natural eye. Now, if I, a poor man, simply by prayer and faith, obtained without asking any individual, the means for establishing and carrying on an Orphan-House, there would be something which, with the Lord's blessing, might be instrumental in strengthening the faith of the children of God, besides being a testimony to the consciences of the unconverted, of the reality of the things of God.This, then, was the primary reason for establishing the Orphan-House. I certainly did from my heart desire to be used by God to benefit the bodies of poor children, bereaved of both parents, and seek in other respects, with the help of God, to do them good for this life; -- I also particularly longed to be used by God in getting the dear orphans trained up in the fear of God; -- but still, the first and primary object of the work was (and still is:) that God might be magnified by the fact, that the orphans under my care are provided with all they need, only by prayer and faith without anyone being asked by me or my fellow-laborers whereby it may be seen, that God is FAITHFUL STILL, and HEARS PRAYER STILL. 

- George Muller, Autobiography, Chapter One.