Thursday, February 18, 2016

Canadian Winter of the Soul

The Canadian winter can wreak havoc on the Christian soul. I see it every year. Good people just wear down under the cold and grey and shortened sunlight hours. This winter has been the mildest I can remember, but that doesn't solve everything. In fact, not even July solves everything.

John Newton made this observation in this wonderful hymn. He compares his soul to the winter ground pining for spring. I have always enjoyed that imagery and found this hymn in particular a tonic to the soul. Lewis's famous, "always winter, never Christmas" line captures what many of us feel by the end of February. If that is you, use Newton's words to direct your heart back to Jesus.

See how rude winter's icy hand
Has stripped the trees, and sealed the ground;
But spring shall soon his rage withstand,
And spread new beauties all around.

My soul a sharper winter mourns,
Barren and lifeless I remain,
When will the gentle spring return,
And bid my graces grow again?

Jesus, my glorious sun, arise,
'Tis thine the frozen heart to move;
Oh! hush these storms, and clear my skies,
And let me feel thy vital love.

Dear Lord, regard my feeble cry,
I faint and droop 'till thou appear;
Wilt thou permit thy plant to die?
Must it be winter all the year?

Be still, my soul, and wait his hour,
With humble prayer, and patient faith,
'Till he reveals his gracious power,
Repose on what his promise saith.

He, by whose all commanding words,
Seasons their changing course maintain;
In every change a pledge affords,
That none shall seek his face in vain.