Monday, March 28, 2005

Meeting Mark Altrogge

For part of our family vacation this year, we traveled to Lord of Life Church in Indiana, Pennsylvania. LOLC is part of the Sovereign Grace Ministries ( of which the name C.J. Mahaney will be familiar to some. The reason we worshipped at this church was my desire to meet Pastor Mark Altrogge. Mark is also a songwriter and our church has grown very fond of much of his work. To me, he is what John Newton would be like were he alive today - able to take deep theology, wed it with real life and turn a phrase in a most intriguing manner. So, it was a joy when we were able to spend much of Saturday afternoon with our brother, then get to know his family a little on the Sunday. Turns out Mark is just like I had hoped he would be - humble, in love with the Saviour, and more intent on glorifying Him than getting kudos for his music. Would that there were more men and women of his type! Wait! There is! At least two of his sons have followed in Dad's footsteps and are writing. Stephen's song, "What a Glorious Mystery You Are" is one of our favorites! You can read the lyrics and hear clips from many of Mark's songs on the SGM site listed above.