Friday, December 02, 2011

A Gospel Living FAQ - notes to prepare for this week's sermon

We are continuing our series on The Gospel Revolution this Sunday (God-willing) and I plan to tackle the bulk of Romans 8-11 in one swipe. That is a hefty goal, but this passage sure sings when you look at it all at once like this. Sometimes it is hard to wait until Sunday to preach.

Below is the outline to the sermon I plan to preach. It is a little different in that I am structuring the passage around the questions that are behind the answers given in the text. In the tradition of those helpful catechisms from the past I have tried to summarize each.

If you get the chance to read the passage prior to the weekend I am confident God will bless your work. Try reading with this questions and answers in mind and see if the preacher got it right!

The Gospel Revolution
Part 5: A Gospel-living FAQ
Romans 8-11

Q1. If I still sin, am I actually blameless in the eyes of God? (8:1-4)
A. Yes, even when I sin, I am still blameless in the eyes of God since I am no longer condemned.

Q2. Did anything really change in me when I became a Christian? (8:5-11)
A. Yes, when I became a Christian I was indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit.

Q3. What does being indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit provide? (8:12-27)
A. God’s Spirit in me provides: the power to kill sin; the ability to know God’s will; the assurance I really am a Christian; and the strength to endure.

Q4. How can I be confident all this work of God’s Spirit applies to me? (8:28-30)
A. The Holy Spirit’s work applies to me because I was foreknown, predestined, called, justified and will be glorified.

Q5. How can I be sure I won’t ultimately lose my salvation? (8:31-39)
A. I will not lose my salvation because no one can oppose, accuse, condemn or separate me from God.

Q6. How can I be confident that nothing can separate me from God? (9:6-20) (11:29)
A. I am confident that nothing will ever separate me from God because He chose me to be saved before the creation of the world.

Q7. If God has chosen who will be saved, why should I share the Gospel? (10:9-17)
A. I need to share the Gospel because it is only through the Gospel that God calls the elect to Himself.