Thursday, September 25, 2014

Under the Book

We like to “interview” normal members of our church once a month in our Sunday evening service and I am still pondering a comment made by one of my sisters a couple of weeks ago.

Pastor Tim noted how her life displayed a strong commitment to the Word of God and a faithfulness to read it and to talk about it with others. He then asked something like, “Where does that come from in your life?”

She replied, “As a young woman, I was faced with the choice of whether or not I would live my life under the Book. And I decided, by God's grace, to do that.”

Now, she spoke to us as a woman of proven character. We know her life, including her trials and sorrows, and we could immediately testify, “Yes, she did and still does that very thing. She has put her life under the authority of God’s Word.” And she has proven that again and again.

Under the Book. That is where I want to be, too.