Friday, June 03, 2005

Pastor Bozo

This is not a joke. Well... it is a joke... but this clergyman actually thought he was ministering on behalf of the Lord.

You Is What You Rede

What do Rick Warren, John Maxwell and Bill Hybels have in common? They are listed in a new Barna research paper as the top three most influential authors as determined by current pastors. What more do I need to say? If this is what is shaping the thoughts of the leaders of the church, no wonder we are where we are! You can read a full summary here.
(On a happier note, at least John Piper made it to the list!)

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Between Grandma and Jesus

Al Mohler and the staff of Southern Baptist Seminary have put together a list of "core values" that represent the foundation to the direction of where the seminary is going. These values are listed here for you to read, but I wanted to highlight the one on church history:

Historical awareness of the Christian church.
Mohler told how, when he was a student, then-Southern Seminary professor Timothy George walked into church history class and said, "My task in this class is to convince you that there was someone between your grandmother and Jesus and that it matters."
That lesson has stuck with Mohler to this day. "[We should] be aware of [history] so that we will not be ignorant of what has brought us to this place."

A Personal Invitation to Come to My Church on Sunday, June 5th 2005

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