Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Willow Creek Re-invention Announced

Willow Creek Steps Up to Feed Its 20,000 Attendants |

"Vision 2010, developed over the last 18 months, is a three-part plan that includes bolder witness to reaching people across the Chicagoland area, rethinking how to coach Christ followers and developing tools to help all churchgoers grow in Christian faith, and unleashing unprecedented levels of compassion into the world."

How was all of this decided? The same old way Bill figured out how to plant a church that people liked...

"When Senior Pastor Bill Hybels unveiled the vision two weeks ago, he highlighted church survey results that showed less satisfaction among long-time or fully devoted attendants compared to newcomers who were exploring Christianity. In the upcoming years, Willow Creek leaders will be altering the way they coach to teach attendants how to be "self-feeding individuals... An earlier experiment of the "Fuel Experience" revealed a positive response from all participants and results were consistent across age groups and spiritual stages."

The following comment is meant to be sarcastic:

So you mean, all I gotta do is poll everybody at church to see what their consumeristic, materialistic, idolatrous hearts "need" then just do that and I'll get me one big old mega church? Cool!

End of sarcasm.


  1. Brilliant. I hear this is the same group who built that camel by committee.

  2. I love their terminology, "self-feeding individuals" and "Fuel Experience" Sounds like either a farm or a gas station.

  3. Yeah, the terminology does feel sorta like getting stuck with a needle. But do you think a survey of the congregation is completely useless? It would seem that the Spirit moves through the entire body, not the pastors alone. I think it's good that they welcome input from the members of the congregation.