Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keeping Christ Central: Toronto Pastor's Conference 2010. . .Audio Downloads

Keeping Christ Central: Toronto Pastor's Conference 2010

Pastor Ian Vaillancourt posts some reflections on his time at TPC 2010. This was my favorite part:

- The Serving Team - Simply put, Grace Fellowship Church excels at serving. During the sessions, teams of people were preparing the next snack, or the next meal, or cleaning to make the next break more comfortable. In the men's washroom I bumped into a man in rubber gloves with a spray bottle in one hand and a paper towel in the other. When I met him a few years ago he was an unbeliver who had just started attending GFC through the witness of a co-worker. Now he is a Christ-like servant who was cleaning the bathroom on his day off to make my conference all the more enjoyable. This is one story of many!
Praise the Lord!