Thursday, February 09, 2006

Manifest Destiny! (Sort of)

MSN Money - O Canada, can we have Alberta?

Laugh a little a Markman's essay... then check your portfolio!

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Toronto Star - Twins, tables and toys

Part Two of Article on Nada

You can link to part one from here.

Dr. Haykin Discusses Fanny Crosby

Historia ecclesiastica: EMINENT CHRISTIANS: 2. FANNY CROSBY

I quoted what I consider to be a rare Crosby hymn this past Sunday and in doing so mentioned that she had been born blind. My source for that was incorrect however! Read Dr. Haykin's warm biographical sketch for much encouragement (and perhaps further corrections!). The text of the hymn I quoted is below:

Take the world, but give me Jesus,
All its joys are but a name;
But His love abideth ever,
Through eternal years the same.

Oh, the height and depth of mercy!
Oh, the length and breadth of love!
Oh, the fullness of redemption,
Pledge of endless life above!

Take the world, but give me Jesus,
Sweetest comfort of my soul;
With my Savior watching o’er me,
I can sing though billows roll.

Take the world, but give me Jesus.
In His cross my trust shall be,
Till, with clearer, brighter vision,
Face to face my Lord I see.

I trust you could sing that with all of your heart!

Redeeming The Time: Encouraging People To Think

Redeeming The Time: Encouraging People To Think

Kirk has a great post here describing the difference between Biblical principle and the application of that principle.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Fear of the Press

The Fear of the Press

Canadians saw much of the politics of fear in our last federal election, and MSM was happy to oblige the parties with buying in to much of what was presented as “fact.” What is interesting to me in the so-called Cartoon Riots, is the fear of the press in the face of Islam. The irony is shocking.
BBC News will not print pictures of the cartoons even though reputed to be an unbiased presenter of world events. They tippy-toe around written descriptions and do not link to outside sites that contain the images.
Clearly it is not out of respect for Mohammed. A quick read of their explanation will make that evident. The only reason they do not show the images is fear. Fear of backlash against those associated with the BBC throughout the world, and for the grand old GB herself.
My point: fear is power.
And that power is exposing the true agenda of most MSM – survival! There is no unbiased, commitment to get at the truth of these events. Just fear.
That is why Christians, in my estimation, will continue to suffer around the world, both physically and emotionally – because they will not resort to power by inducing fear. Why not? Because we fear one far greater than TimeWarner Inc. or the BBC or CTVNews or the National Post. We fear the One who directs the hearts of world leaders like they were water in a little stream carved out by His finger.
Truth is only safe with those who do not fear the world and death.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Toronto Star - Bringing up Babies - Bringing up Babies

While I was on the Star site I was reminded of an article that highlighted the work of good friend and GFC member Nada Thomson.

Nada has quite a job - helping other people figure out how to organize all their stuff! (I have made it a point to never let her see my office!) Anyway, Nada is living for Christ in her work-a-day world and this bit of free publicity from the area's biggest newspaper doesn't hurt!

Toronto Star - Stephen Harper just can't quit his inner-Evangelical

Full Article Here:

David Haskell wrote an interesting piece for the Star over the weekend that concludes with these thoughts:

"Research, also done by Reimer, has determined that because Canadian evangelicals see honesty, fidelity and charity as categorical imperatives and not situational options they tend to show more continuity between what they say and what they do. In the vernacular of evangelicals: if they talk the talk, they walk the walk.

The implications of these findings are staggering: it could mean that for the first time in decades Canadians might have a Prime Minister who doesn't lie to them.

Skeptical? I understand. It may be easy for evangelicals, but for the rest of us ... it's hard to believe in miracles."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Cartoon Riots: Nothing Funny

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Four killed in cartoon protests

If you ever wondered if there was any difference between Christianity and Islam, here is the proof.

Images of Jesus Christ have been subjected to the most horrific treatment, such as American photographer Andres Serrano's blasphemous images of a crucifix submerged in his own urine (offensive image and information).

But you don't see any Christians burning down buildings or throwing themselves into frenzied mobs.

Jesus was mocked and despised in his earthly life - and He demonstrated how to respond to such cruelty and injustice (see 1 Peter).

Bottom line: Our God is sovereign and will mete out a perfect justice in the great and final judgement. He doesn't need me to burn your house down just because you blaspheme Him. In fact, He calls on me to warn you of your sin and (wonder of all wonders) to urge you to embrace the One you have mocked and disgraced as your own Saviour from sin and its punishment.

Such a glorious gospel!

Such a glorious God!