Friday, September 19, 2008

Toronto Pastors Fellowship

We have almost reached our maximum for the first TPF meeting. Well, we have a lot more room in the building, but we are giving out a free gift to the first 60 to pre-register. I think we have 3 spots left at this point (Friday at 3PM). It you were wondering why we are asking folks to register the short answer is that it allows us to print name tags and buy enough coffee.
All that to say, even if you have not yet registered, you still can. And if someone does not show up who registered before you, you can have their gift after the meeting! There is no registration fee and we do not collect any money - this ministry is a service of Grace Fellowship Church and the Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada.
We have some other exciting things to give you who make it to the meeting, but I won’t go into that now.
It is a joy to see all the different men who have registered so far. Pray with me that the Lord uses TPF to advance the cause of Christ our Saviour in Toronto, southern Ontario and the world.

Tedd in the Hornet's Nest

Local News | Spanking advocate whips up furor in Seattle area | Seattle Times Newspaper

One of the largest churches in the state — Mars Hill Church — is bringing in a Christian parenting author whose advocacy of spanking young children is creating a stir.

The author, Tedd Tripp, says in his book "Shepherding a Child's Heart" that "God calls parents to spank their children."

Tripp will speak at what is being billed as a biblical parenting conference tonight and Saturday morning. His workshops will be held at Mars Hill's Ballard campus and simulcast to four of its six other campuses, in West Seattle, Lake City, Shoreline and Bellevue.