Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Avoiding The Wall of Antagonism - The Twin Towers of Faith!

Avoiding The Wall of Antagonism - The Twin Towers of Faith!
Dave and Ken have a nice long quote from Ray Comfort's book on evangelism that is worth a good read.

Yesterday my family was at a large "entertainment venue" in Ontario when the Lord opened the door for me to evangelize the dear lady behind the coffee counter. I was telling her how great my day was when it became obvious she did not share my sentiments. I asked her why and she said something about it being Monday.
"Did you get to go to church yesterday," I asked. "No, I am Adventist... but I have not gone to church in a long while."
"Aren't you concerned that things are not right between you and God?"
"No, I am fine" she responded. "I am a good person."
"A good person? Can I give you the good person test?"

After taking the test (and failing) I was able to give her a tract called "ticket to heaven." Please pray for this woman. I will not post her name or where she worked to protect her privacy... but the Lord will know who you mean! There was much more to our conversation, but it was clear she needed Jesus to save her.

If you want to spark your personal evangelism, click here

NHL.com - Detroit Red Wing Suffers Heart Attack on Bench

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The game was called off last night between Detroit and Nashville when Jiri Fischer collapsed on the bench during play. Radio reports note that game referee Don VanMassenhoven (a former Ontario Provincial Police officer) initiated CPR once it was apparent Fischer's heart had stopped beating.
Fischer is in hospital and in stable condition.

Life is short.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Blogspotting Canadians!
Phil has been re-working his blogroll and I was most happy to see that Tim Challies and Michael Haykin are representing Canada with distinction.
If there are other Canadians up there, I just don't know who they are!
It may not seem like such a big deal to you if you don't live here - but California has a larger population than all of Canada! It is easy to be forgotten. I think that is one of the beauties of the web - it puts the world on an equal footing (assuming you live somewhere that you can actually access a computer!)

I Ain't No Poet (And yes, I know it!)

As Paul closes his letter to the Ephesians he urges them to pray for him. (A lesson in and of itself!) He gave them two "requests" or things to pray for; first, that he might have "a word" or "a message" from God. Second, that he might preach it "with boldness."

Paul understood that for the Christian pastor, the spiritual battle will often be fought right here. There are many things to distract a man from spending enough time with God in His Word to "get a word." And even when he does get a message from God to preach to the people, he will be tempted on every side to capitulate and cave in to the pressures around him. "Don't be so dogmatic." "What makes you right and everyone else wrong?" "Who do you think you are?"

Friend, pray for your pastor!!! Pray God gives him a word and pray God gives him boldness!

Pray for boldness –
Pray for it twice!
For lack of conviction
Is a preacher’s vice.

A man without message
Or courage of heart
Has nothing to say –
No Truth to impart.

So, pray without ceasing
Pray with “all prayer;”
That through feeble preachers
God’s arm He would bare

That glory and power
Might fall from above
As sinners are won
By the great God of Love!