Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Let Dad Rule By Love

One of the requirements for any elder is that his children love, respect and follow him. In one sense, most guys can get their kids to do what they want when they are little, but eventually those little people will be big enough to fight back if they want.

How does a man raise his kids in a "dignified manner" so that they, in turn, love and support their dad?  I know this list is not exhaustive, but it covers some basics.

  • He does not dominate his children by force and intimidation, but leads them with love.
  • He does not shrug off the blatant disobedience of his children, but disciplines and instructs them in love.
  • He does not complain to others about "the lousy job the wife is doing with the kids," but he takes responsibility in his home to model and teach love.
  • He is not the typical absentee father, lost in his career, but he cultivates relationships with his kids so that they know, no matter what, Dad loves them.
  • He does not allow his home to be ruled and run by the loudest and meanest of his kids, but makes his home one ruled by love.

I think a dad that is able to get these five principles straight and worked out the majority of the time in his home will be go a long way in raising children that will not cause him shame in his later days. How we need the enabling grace of God!