Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There was a time in Israel’s history when the king of Assyria was about to invade. He sent an envoy in advance to seek surrender and that mouthpiece, “the Rabshekah,” stood outside the walls of Jerusalem to taunt.
At the end of his speeches, the people were discouraged. Assyria was a tremendously powerful nation at the time, and lowly Jerusalem had little hope of withstanding her army. Death seemed certain.
Psychological warfare can be remarkably damaging. Just ask the Americans who served in Viet Nam. But the psychological war launched by the Rabshekah was a strong parallel to the war of words launched against every one of God’s children by our enemy, Satan.
Summarized, the Rabshekah said:
  • We are stronger than you.
  • Your allies are broken and will of no help to you.
  • Your own God is against you because of your sin.
  • You will certainly fail.
  • And even if He wanted to, your God is not strong enough to withstand me and help you.
  • Give up.
It is these kinds of words that so often get whispered to the inner person of the Christian. But remember who that whisperer is – the father of lies!
The battle in discouragement is to preach Truth to your heart.
  • God is the strongest.
  • God will serve you through brothers and sisters in your church.
  • God is not against you because of Christ.
  • You will not fail.
  • God can help you no matter what.
  • Don’t give up!
Then, we do like Hezekiah did when confronted by these soul-shaking lies. We humble ourselves and pray.
Then we wait. Wait to see what God will do.
Do not be discouraged by lies, Christian. Preach, pray and wait – for the glory of God!

(See Isaiah 36-37)