Thursday, September 28, 2006

Saved and Baptized - Saved and Baptized

We had an amazing day this past Sunday. Not only did the Lord meet with us in our morning worship service, but He was particularly gracious in our evening baptism service.

I was able to preach from Acts 16, looking at the conversion of the Philippian jailor. The most exciting moment in this message for me was when I could look on many of the unbelievers in the room and tell them, "Monday the Jailer had never heard of Jesus. Tuesday he had given his life to Him! You can do the same!"

Anyway, the real highlight of the night came when Mike, Leslie and Henny gave their testimonies to how the Lord saved them. So, I have linked to the sermonaudio site where you can download these for free. Now that I have summed up my sermon for you, all you have to do is jet ahead to 41:30 and hear how the real God takes real sinners and makes them Christians!

I love the ways the Lord works!

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