Friday, September 29, 2006

The Plane #1

It seems the fire was nothing… or they put it out(!), because here we are on a Dornier 328 and I am enjoying my MASSIVE leg-room in seat 9A. Of course, sitting here requires that I be willing to open the emergency exit door when the plane lands safely on Lake Huron. (The lake is beautiful today… I wish I had a better command of English to describe how blue it is. “It is really blue….” Doesn’t cut it, does it?)

I have often wondered about these emergency exits. I don’t imagine that everyone will cue up in an orderly fashion behind me in the sinking, fire-engulfed plane as I lift the bulky door out and make my own way to safety. “Need a hand with that, Sir?” I can hear the young guy behind me asking! O well, my trust is in the Lord and if I have to get trampled for a few unbelievers to have longer to repent… so be it! (After all, I’ve got LEGROOM!)

Once we land in Milwaukee we are off to meet Annette Harrison, the real brains behind Adrian Warnock’s blog (sorry Adrian!). J

After that 37 hour layover (thanks Tim) we board a flight to Minneapolis. I am thinking about walking in order to get to the conference before the last session.

I think the tone of this post is being affected by my iPod… I am currently listening to “I am a Man of Constant Sorrow” from the “O, Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack. Too bad Tim and Paul are stuck in seats far away from me or else I could sing it to them. I do a grand southern imitation…

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