Tuesday, September 26, 2006

AtRisk - Bringing Hope to Hurting Youth Conference

AtRisk - Bringing Hope to Hurting Youth Conference

I have become somewhat of a fan of Mr. Nick Hill. Although we have not met in person yet, I have kept up on his goings on through his blog as well as through Son of Man who worked for him this past summer.

Nick seems to be one of those guys that loves the meat of the Word and the lost souls around him. You may not know that I live in the murder capitol of Canada, and Nick is ministering in another local church trying to evangelize the youth culture that we live in. It is a great work!

So, I was glad to see that Nick is organizing a conference to think about how to reach at risk youth. You can get all the details by clicking the title of this article or the link above.

If you have a heart for the city of Toronto, this may be just the kind of event you need to help turn your desires into action!