Thursday, September 28, 2006

2006 National Conference :: Desiring God

2006 National Conference :: Desiring God

Tomorrow morning, Challies, the other Paul and I all leave for the DG Pomo Conference. I can hardly wait. The timing of the conference is not so great for me, but who could pass up listening to DA Carson, John Piper, Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll yap it up on several panels as well as each preach a different message. The icing on the cake will be sitting under David Well's ministry, author of the book from which the conference takes its title: Above All Earthly Powers.

I will be trying... TRYING... to do some not-so-live blogging of the main sessions. Although I can type cirlces around Challies, he thinks faster than I do... and being the contemplative type, I like to carefully meditate on what I am hearing. So, if you are desparate for some blow-by-blow descriptions of how things unfold, be sure to watch his blog.

Please pray for us as we travel. Once again I allowed Tim to make travel arrangements... I should have known better. I think we fly to Minneapolis via the Yukon. And that's after a stopover in Orlando. Oh well. Who am I to complain!

May God use it to make me and others better ministers of His glorious Gospel!