Friday, September 29, 2006

The Airport

“Your attention please. We have a fire alarm activated in the building and we are evacuating.”

Such began our wait for flight 2291 at Pearson Airport in Toronto. It does not appear to be too much of a crisis however, as the staff continues to wheel up passengers to our gate that require boarding assistance.

After helping the perpetually travel-dim Challies figure out which gate to check in at, we got in line the longest line. The nice line-monitor lady asked if we wanted to skip to the front… um, yeah!... then the check-in dude looked at me and said, “You need leg room.” I love that dude, even though he made fun of my passport picture. Speaking of being made fun of, the shoe-shine dude took one look at my fine shoes and said, “You need a shine, buddy.” To which I replied, “I shined these babies up last night!” He merely stood and shook his head. Come to think of it, I am taking a lot of abuse on this trip. I hope it improves!