Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stupid Advertising #2

Stupid Advertising: The Series

Here is some very reassuring information from the fine sneaker-makers at Adidas...

"...after shave developed with adidas' in-depth skin and body knowledge."

Excuse me.

You make running shoes and that grants you "in-depth skin and body knowledge?"

Such as, "We know that feet smell after you wear the same shoes too long?"

Or, "If you wear shoes two sizes too small then the part of your leg below the ankle joint that supports the rest of your body and maintains balance when standing and walking will hurt?"

I'm just not seeing the connection.

But the after shave does smell rather nice...


  1. I noticed that you're writing well into the future, Kerux. It's only June up here in Minneapolis.

  2. Dumb American Google dating system!

    It's 9/6/07 in Canada... not 6/9/07.

    (Thanks for the tip, Derifter!)

  3. They also make clothing and glasses...

    Still no.