Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sermons for Little People

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Phil's way of helping his kids learn under the preaching of the Word:

Whenever I get the chance, I try to do what my mother did for me when I was roughly age 5 to 8: draw little pictures with short captions to illustrate the sermon.

The quality of the artwork is low (mainly stick figures and other crude drawings), but my efforts are generally appreciated by Jack (age 6), Kathryn (age 5), and maybe even Kirsten (age 11). Over the course of a half hour sermon I typically draw 15 to 20 boxed pictures on the back of bulletin inserts or what have you.


  1. A great quote and a great idea to pass on to parents in my church. Thanks.

  2. At our church we have something that I'd never seen before, and thought was a very clever idea for short, fidgety folks.

    In the foyer there is a stack of Sermon Notes pages, seperated into 2 categories. (Kids or parents pick them up on the way to their pews). One is for the 5-8 age group, and has sections for writing the sermon topic (filled in with help by mom or dad) and then a place to draw a picture of the message in the sermon.

    For the 9 and up crowd, the pages have more space for writing the date, sermon title, 3 main points, verses used, etc.

    At the end of the service the kids line up to show pastor Ken their sermon notes pages.

    The kids love it and the parents love it too. Whoever came up with this idea, was a parent - I'm sure of it.