Friday, June 08, 2007

Considering Special Needs in Church: An Idea

I found this comment attached to that good post Tim wrote on Wednesday...

Our church has a ministry called Special Friends that my wife and I are a part of. About every 4-6 weeks we have a Respite night where families can drop off their special needs children and their siblings for an evening of games and stories while the parents go off and do what ever they like. Respite is open to the community and is a very effective outreach to the unchurched. Special Friends volunteers are also available to augment the regular child care during the church's worship services. This ministry is such a blessing to the parents of special needs children as well as to us volunteers! It is a very much needed ministry.

Stick that in your file of ideas of how one local church could minister to those families with special needs - both in your church and in your community.