Sunday, June 03, 2007

Buffalo - Land of the Bored

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Such was the scene at Buffalo Airport on May 31, 2007 - two weeks AFTER Buffalo was lasooed out of the playoffs! TWO WEEKS!

On the same day I sat in front of three men on the plane. One of the fellows was coming to Buffalo to start a new job and the other two were waxing eloquent about the city. But then... then the one said in serious tones: "But you really need to go up to Toronto. It's beautiful up there... THEY PUT US TO SHAME." End of direct quote.

And frankly... that is my point exactly.

Have a nice summer grazing, Bisons!


  1. Three points in response:

    1) As a Torontonian, why were you flying out of Buffalo? Why did you drive an extra 2 hours? Was it because your hometown airport was ripping you off? The City of Buffalo respects the hard-worker; the city of Toronto gouges them! I bet you saved enough money to take all your relatives to the High Desert Museum. :-)

    2) The summer grazing doesn't look that promising. Not much grass left after all the divots the Leafs have been taking over the past 2 months!

    3) And most disconcertingly, I bet your wife thought you were nuts for stopping to take that picture!

  2. D.R. -
    I'll give you number three.... BUT THAT'S ALL!

  3. I can't help but wonder how long it's been since the Makebe Liefs were 'lasooed out of the playoffs'? Oh wait--they didn't make it at all?

    Wow, this trash talk kinda backfires, doesn't it?