Friday, November 10, 2006

Resolved: Jonathan Edwards and the Men of GFC

One thing we do at various men's meetings is crystallize what we believe the Scripture is teaching us as men. Then, in the spirit of Jonathan Edwards' "resolutions," we determine how we are going to seek to live that truth.

We have come up with four resolutions over the last few years. Here is the first one.

Resolved: In order to finish well, I will seek to live every moment of my life with a growing passion for Jesus, a disciplined lifestyle and a single-mindedness for His will; and to break every habit or pattern I find which interferes with this, replacing it with that which will help. (May 5, 2004)


  1. Awesome. What a good discipline to encourage with men in the church! Thanks for posting this and for the example the men there are setting for so many of us elsewhere.
    Grace and peace,

    P.S. -- And yes, Mark D rented the red convertible Mustang. Would a true puritan do that? :-)

  2. I knew it! Had to be that MD fellow after he buzzed around Toronto in a PT Cruiser!
    I am not sure how impressed he was with my ride!