Thursday, November 09, 2006

Men's Accountability Questions - Part II

Here are the rest of the questions we use to help foster authentic relationships amongst our men. Our original list started by using some of the questions written by the "Holy Club" headed up by John Wesley. We adapted, added and edited from there.
Again, we do not use these questions in a way that suggests works-salvation! They are merely a means to helping us walk godly in this present age. We need Jesus - and we want to help each other feel that! They are really a tool to urge a good answer to question #22....


12. Are you habitually self-conscious, self-pitying or self-justifying?

13. Have you been praying for opportunities to speak to others about Jesus? Have you fully taken those opportunities? When was the last time you intentionally and clearly presented the gospel to an unbeliever?

14. Are you enjoying prayer?

15. Have you been listening to your conscience: ceasing activities it convicts you of, and doing activities it prompts you to do?

16. Have you been disciplined with your time (getting enough sleep, managing free time, not over / under-working, etc.)?

17. Have you been acting discreetly in your contacts with the opposite sex?

18. Have you remained morally pure? Have you watched, done, said anything impure you ought to tell me about?

19. Are you proud?

20. Are you fulfilling all your biblical obligations to your household?

21. Is Jesus alive to you? Is your hope in Him alone for putting sin to death? Are you experiencing the “sensible impression” of His work in your life?

22. What is one way you are seeking to improve yourself, your family or your surroundings?

23. Did you lie or mislead me in your answers to any of these questions? Is there anything else you think the Lord would desire you to tell me?


  1. Kerux,

    I am currently teaching a Bible class using Kent Hughes' book "Disciplines of a Godly Man". This week's lesson is on the discpline of cultivating friendships with other men. This list of questions will prove helpful this week and Lord willing, will develop into something lasting and effective in the lives of our men. Thanks.

    I can hardly wait to tap into some of your students (well, one anyway) to hear about that class.

  2. Kerux,

    I just noticed that your bio on the side says that you are the worst sinner you know. You should get to know me better.