Friday, May 14, 2010

Win a Free Registration to Toronto Pastors Conference

So far we have half a dozen great books to give the first 100 registrants to TPC.  And if you would like to be one of those first 100 you had best hurry up and register!  Spaces are starting to fill up quickly.

I mentioned earlier this week that we are arranging to give away some books for free thanks to some great publishers and some help from my buddy Heinz at Sola Scriptura Ministries.

Here is a little contest to win yourself a free registration to TPC.  Be the first person to guess one of the books we are giving away and you win!  It is that easy.  I will keep this contest open until we have a winner.

  1. You can enter as much as you like by leaving your guess in the comments section.  But only ONE guess per comment.
  2. You cannot enter if you are a member of GFC or you somehow already know what we are giving away.  That is called unfair!
  3. I will judge by time stamp on the submissions, so even if I am away from my computer for a while we will still have a means to determine the winner.
  4. I will give a hint after 3 days if no one has won yet.


  1. Is this where we guess?
    "What is the Gospel?" by Greg Gilbert

  2. Would it be that new release, "Jacobus Arminius: Hero of Heroes"?


  3. How about

    A Consuming Fire: The Piety of Alexander Whyte

    Michael A.G. Haykin, ed.

    Paul Carr

  4. Hmmm. All good guesses, but not yet. Guess more! You can win a registration AND all the books!!

  5. Biblical theology in the life of the church, by Michael Lawrence?

  6. Church planting is for wimps by Mike McKinley?

  7. AND WE HAVE A WINNER... a surprise winner! See today's post (May 31, 2010).