Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Consider Jesus...

“Therefore, holy brothers, you who share in a heavenly calling, consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession…”

All you have to do to spiritually drift is nothing. And like all forms of drift, we are usually unaware of the motion.

When you are sitting in a boat out at sea without an anchor or a compass, land tends to be the only thing that exposes your drifting. So, you pick a spot on the shoreline, grab your oars and aim for that.

Christians need to learn to regularly look to Jesus. “Consider Jesus,” says this author. Set your thoughts on him, not potential suffering or the clutter of the world. Look to Jesus as He is revealed in the Bible.

Here He is referred to as an Apostle and High Priest. As an apostle, He was sent by God (for that is what the word means, a “sent one”) to be God’s representative among us. As our High Priest, he is our representative before God the Father. In other words, He is perfectly suited to preserve His people. Look to Him and live. Look to Him and stop drifting.

In the end of this paragraph the author gives a warning, saying that if you do not hold fast to Jesus, that is evidence you never really were a true Christian. What about you? Are you drifting? Are the things of the world (its fame, money, stuff) of greater value to you than Jesus? Are you living like the world sexually? Does the world’s approval matter more to you than God’s? I can’t imagine what you think the world has ever done for you. It has certainly never desired your good.

Friend, if you are drifting along with the world, look to Jesus and live. He will accept all who row their boat to His shoreline. Tired arms will find rest on His sandy shores. Good harbour awaits. Consider Jesus.

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