Friday, May 25, 2007

TEF (3)

What a wonderful day! We woke up to a fantastic breakfast lovingly prepared by Justin’s lovely wife, Tamara. This young woman knows how to serve.
Justin loaned us his car for the day, so after breakfast and visiting with more Reimers (they seem to just appear…hourly…) we wound our way to the nearby High Desert Museum. The $52 to get my family of 6 in the door wasn’t so hot… but we got to learn a lot about this incredible part of America and that was better than cool.
Everything here is a wonderful mixture of green and reddish-brown. The pine trees are all tall and full of life. It might be the time of year, but I am totally smitten by the surroundings! It stuns me that God can create things so differently in other parts of the world. Justin was not exaggerating when he talked up the beauty of Oregon.
After the pricey museum we went to the cheap Lava River Chute. Now this rocked! Five bucks got us 250 feet underground and one mile in! The thing is what it sounds like… a bored out tunnel through rock created by a molten lava flow many years ago. Long straight-aways, bending turns, towering ceilings then hunched over “waddling” to pass into another section. It was awesome. The ranger dude told me there could be hundreds of them around, but the only reason they found this one was that the surface entrance collapsed. (Note to self: Do not build house near old volcano!)
We got back in time to eat a great dinner prepared by Tamara (this lady just keeps cooking for a million people!) and a meeting with all the volunteers to the big weekend that starts tomorrow.
I can hardly wait to open Job for these dear families in order that, by His grace, I might point them to the Supreme Worth of the universe. Pray for all that are serving this weekend, won’t you? There will be much need and thus we need much grace.


  1. You're making me jealous with all the fun stuff you're doing! :)

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while and I've never posted, but since you're commenting about how well my little sister cooks, it's time I say a hearty Amen! We've been praying for you speaking at the conference as well as everything else happening there. May God richly encourage all the families in attendance and may the Word of God proclaimed lead them to praise and glorify God!