Monday, May 21, 2007

Stupid Advertising #1

When I was a High School student I had some thoughts about starting an advertising firm with my good pal John. We even had a very cool name, that is still a very cool name... and I will not share with you!

Anyway, advertising has always intrigued me... especially how BAD some of it is. I decided to begin a little series of posts here detailing some stupid advertising. My source for these examples is very scientifically arranged - I check my mailbox.

Anyway, here is installment #1 of what may end up being a series of one!

From the Dove Soap folks:

Please note the brilliant copy to this ad:

"Your body, hands and UNDERARMS are a beautiful reflection of your spirit..."

Are you kidding me?

My pits are a reflection of a lot of things, but I sure hope they are no reflection of my inner man!!!

That last sentence is referred to as a "set-up" for all you comics out there... have at it in the comments section!!!


  1. Well....since you asked...

    I've seen your body, and your hands. I wouldn't sell your underarms short!

    Badum bum!

  2. I do believe the inner man is clean as a whistle. When the wind is right though, I think I can smell the outer man from here.