Monday, May 21, 2007

The Revenge of Conscience

The Revenge of Conscience:

Al Mohler writes a gripping opinion piece on what is being called, "selective reduction" - the in utero destruction of one or more babies in a multiple pregnancy. The whole article must be read, but I link to the closing paragraphs below.

"We can hide behind euphemisms like 'selective reductions,' but the woman on the table knows what is happening. She can hide her face under a gown but she cannot hide from her conscience.

The same is true for Dr. Evans, and for those who read Mundy's important article. Consider just these words:

Evans prepared two syringes, swabbed Emma with antiseptic, put the square-holed napkin on her stomach. Then he plunged one of the needles into Emma's belly and began to work his way into position. He injected the potassium chloride, and B, the first fetus to go, went still.

'There's no activity there,' he said, scrutinizing the screen. B was lying lengthwise in its little honeycomb chamber, no longer there and yet still there. It was impossible not to find the sight affecting. Here was a life that one minute was going to happen and now, because of its location, wasn't. One minute, B was a fetus with a future stretching out before it: childhood, college, children, grandchildren, maybe. The next minute, that future had been deleted.

A future deleted -- as simple as that. This is what we have become as a society, if this is what we tolerate and accept as a necessary cost of the new reproductive technologies. Even the most enthusiastic advocate of 'a woman's right to choose' must have to take a deep breath when reading these articles. Conscience will have its revenge."

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