Friday, March 23, 2007

Tony Campolo Gets Some Canadian Air Time

Tony was on The Hour this week - you can watch the 10 minute interview here.

Pretty much he is up to all his old tricks. Here are some fairly word-for-word quotes:

The Bible is really about helping the poor and oppressed.

Bono has done more to articulate the Christian faith than most preachers.

Jesus will judge you on whether or not you helped the poor, not on if you believed in the virgin birth.

Jesus was always partying. He loved to party!

I don't see how you can believe in capital punishment and believe in mercy.

Get to the red letters. [This referred to his ridiculous idea that we need to skip other parts of the Bible and only read the red font. In many Bibles, the red font identifies the words of Jesus.]

Nothing surprising here if you know Tony. He does not represent the Jesus of the Bible.

UPDATE: 4/7/07 I have closed the comments to this post.