Saturday, March 24, 2007


Kermit said it was not easy being green.

I would just like to add that it is not easy being blue and white either.


P.S. Go ahead, D.R. Rip away. I am prepared for it. You deserve it. And I would have posted about 27 times by now on your blog if the game had gone the other way!


  1. I thought about ribbing you, but given how the Oilers are finishing the season, I thought I'd better shut up (though the Oil did win last night after a couple of recognizable players came back).

    My son Josh was rootin' for the Leafs, for once. If they displace the Islanders in the playoffs we get a higher draft pick from the Smyth trade.

    All I can say now is "Go Canada!" whoever that may be.

  2. I have a picture of Johnny Bower on my study wall. I was thirteen the year it was taken and they won the Cup. I am much older now.(Heavy Sigh)

    It is very easy to preach on hope in this city. It is hard to transfer the concept of sure and cerain hope.

  3. Paul - My condolences. I think the aim should no longer be the Cup. That is obviously out of reach within the foreseeable future. Just getting to the playoffs ought to be cause for a parade down Yonge Street. I've heard rumors that the NHL might be increasing it to 20 teams making the playoffs. Hope abounds for Leaf nation.

    Terry - Appreciate your humbling yourself to cheer for the Flames. They ARE included in "whomever that may be," correct?

  4. Dan (please excuse us for a moment, Paul),

    I was going to say "except the Flames, of course," but I thought, "No, that wouldn't be kind - Dan reads this blog."

    But then you went and asked!